Being found on Google as a Game Designer

Ranking on Google as a Game Designer is well within your reach. Broadly speaking, you need to complete these 3 things:

  1. Google Maps Listing
    A complete and keyword-rich business listing.
  2. Keyword research:
    Basic market research on Google to find underserved keywords
  3. Search Engine Optimization ('SEO'):
    Making your website easy for the Google crawler bot to understand and categorize. This is about written content, but also how the site is coded.
Let's break this down...

Google Maps Listing

Why is Google Maps important?

Google Maps is a vital ingredient in local search rankings. Google Maps results are strongly connected with where the searcher's phone/computer is located. So if you're in Brisbane and you just type "Game Designers", all the results will be in and around Brisbane. This concept also applies to Google's regular results (they're called 'organic' results), but to a bit lesser degree.

'Google My Business'

'Google my business' is the name Google has given to its dashboard for managing business profiles that in turn are featured on Google Maps. You need to complete all the fields and use long descriptions. Google is not a person reading your profile - it's a robot that crawls the internet - so you need to feed it relevant keywords to help it classify and categorize your business. This leads into next topic: KEYWORD RESEARCH

Keyword Research

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is about finding keywords to connect your Game Designer business with potential customer's search terms. So what are people searching? The best terms to go after have buying intent, compared to just information. For example, "Game Designer hire" has buying intent, whereas "How to be a Game Designer" doesn't. You can't force Google to display exactly how you would like, but you can tip the odds in your favor by incorporating your desired keywords strategically.

Keyword competitiveness

Ranking on Google is like a competition with many contestants. Many keywords in reality will be too competitive, meaning Google is already happy with the results it displays. For example "Game Designers in London" will have perhaps 100's of results, but that's ok - we have options. We need to come up with more specific terms, which usually means more words. These are called 'long tail' terms. An example of this is "Game Designers in Fulham". We want to look for market gaps in the search results, meaning the current results aren't that good or relevant. That's where you'll target and dominate those search terms.

How many keywords should I use for SEO?

It's common practice to target just 1 main search term per page of your website. You can then include secondary terms that still relate to this on the same page.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Making your website easy for the Google crawler bot to understand and categorize. This is about written content, but also how the site is coded.

Google Quality Guidelines

We don't just guess how Google works - we take it from the horse's mouth so to speak. Google publishes what they call their 'Quality Guidelines' to help website creators make good choices.

FAQ section

Google has a strong focus on answering questions, so by putting the questions that people are asking, you show up in the results.

Short-form Content

Search engines are looking for the answer to people's problems. By creating keyword-optimized content to your site, this can be the source of answers. The formats can be direct Q&A, articles, reviews, events, products, and more...

Image meta information

The Google crawler can't see - it's a robot. It determines relevancy through text and user feedback like click rates. The coding side allows attaching keyword tags to the images to 'paint the picture' of what's happening.

HTML meta information

The websites code, HTML, can have invisible information coded into it just for the Google crawlers 'eyes'. The main ones are: DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS, AUTHOR. These are also the elements your read in the Search result.

Domain & URL selection

If a user searched "Brisbane Game Designers" and your domain was, then Google can't help but consider showing it high in the results because it's a direct match with the search. Google has many factors, but experience shows this is definitely a factor. The same principal applies to path of the domain. Notice that the path of this blog is a natural English question that's a relevant asked question. blog/be-found-on-google-as-a-game-designer


A part of Google guidelines is accessibility, meaning designing the site for people with visual and hearing disabilities. For example, a visually impaired person will require larger fonts and high contrasting color palette. These facilities are favored by Google.

HTML Semantics

This one is coding-related, but modern website code has tags that give the content context. Some common ones are: ARTICLE, FAQ, BUSINESS, LOGO. Google advises this to help give the crawler context to help create the most relevant results.

Domain Authority

When a domain receives a lot of traffic, it's said to have high 'authority'. Google's task is to create a great experience for its users, and a part of this means directing people to good, reliable, and safe websites. Once they see people visit a site and stay to read, it's concluded it has quality, and will continue to be referred. Google has tools & metrics to help review the quality and performance of your site.

Common questions from Game Designers

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization. Creating your website in such a way to make it easy for search engines to understand, classify, and categorize what it is.

How do you rank No 1 on Google?

Ranking #1 is pretty easy for lower competition terms, and almost impossible for very high competition terms. You will never rank #1 for "shoes". Don't even try. Don't aim too low because although ranking for very low competition terms is easy, they probably have low volume and low quality traffic. Aim for a range of low and medium competition terms that have buying intent as mentioned earlier.

What is the best SEO for a small business?

Do everything mentioned in this article, and you're guaranteed to have great improvement!

How this strategy performs

Traffic from past projects

Before launching this service, I created and ranked multiple sites in high positions on Google.

traffic report
Marketing software affiliate

61,923 clicks

Ranks #1 on Google for "reclick core"

traffic report
Web development

38,163 clicks

Ranks #1 on Google for "Cardano Dapps"

traffic report
Forex trading
(changed to recently)

23,784 clicks

Ranks #5 on Google for "FTMO strategies"

traffic report

1,489 clicks

Ranks #3 to #7 on Google for "Dapp Templates"

How to be found

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Public portfolio site
Keyword/Market research.
Short form content writing.
Portfolio image editing.
Unlimited traffic.
Monthly Blog writing